Awesome trip to Canada!

I recently traveled to Canada. To learn about it, follow the links below and enjoy:

deviantART journal entry:

50 Pictures of the trip:

If you have any comments, post them on my deviantART journal entry if you are a dA member, otherwise you may leave them here.

First Mumble skin released

I just released my first Mumble skin today. Everything is skinned, even the configuration window. For more information and to download it, go here: Mumble Skins

Zavaboy's Lounge is no more

For the existence of my website, it has been called "Zavaboy's Lounge" with no change, but now it must be done. If you didn't notice, this website is now called "zavaboy designs", my business, or more accurately my division of Ivitek Corp., the family business.

Classic 3D images found

--- Edit --- Apr 16, 2008 ---
I finally got them in my gallery, go check them out!
--- End of edit. ---

I hit a deer

Yeah, I did, seriously.

On my way back from a friend's house I hit a deer (going about 50mph). It wasn't that big and I ended up clipping it. It made enough damage to take out the right side headlight (the signal remains intact) and bent the hood. I think the whole front end may be bent a little from the impact.